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Our Classes

Unlike many other theatre schools, we offer two distinctive 'group' classes.  MTA (musical theatre acting) for those students who enjoy the 'triple threat' element of performance.  And Drama Hub (drama and improvisation, physical theatre, script work and mime).  

We also offer Private Lessons in acting and singing for those students who wish to hone their skills further.  These 1:1 classes are held either via zoom or in person.

We are proud to uniquely provide mental health care for all our students.  

The YIN Tribe hold weekly classes that incorporate YIN YOGA, which is a slow paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for longer periods of time which offers the most amazing benefits for young people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, exam pressure, school pressure and feel they have lost their spark. 

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MTA (Musical Theatre Acting) 

Our MTA {musical theatre acting} classes incorporate acting, musical theatre singing and dancing in one class.  For younger students (MTA 1 - 3) we bring the love and excitement of musical theatre to life.  And for our older students (MTA 4-5) we teach them the 'triple threat' components needed for a career in the Performance Arts industry and other vocational professions.

Drama Hub Classes

Classes are for students aged 7-19 years, divided into different age and ability sections (JUNIOR Yr 3 - Yr 6, INTERMEDIATE Yr 7 - Yr 10, SENIOR Yr 11 - Yr 13).  These classes are kept to a maximum of 15 so ensure that each student reaches their full potential.


Students will benefit from all aspects of theatre through improvisation, physical theatre, script work and mime.  Senior students will also learn about theatre practitioners and their methods in line with GCSE and A'Level course work.  


Throughout each of the groups students will also gain in self confidence and group awareness whilst having fun and making life-long friends.  

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Private Individual Classes in
Speech, Acting & Singing

Within the structured 1:1 online classes, students can work towards Acting scenes, Poetry & Prose, develop confidence in reading and public speaking and correct any vocal speech problems (such as correct consonant sounds, vowel placements, inaudibility and voice projection).  All work will complement work within the MTA classes at the theatre during term time.

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The YIN Tribe

The Yin Tribe is a gentle YIN Yoga based class especially designed for teens


This is a yin yoga based class, which will also include mindfulness, meditation & relaxation, self-esteem & confidence building, anxiety, depression and general well-being for teens and young people (from 10 years - 19 years) to help them cope ‘positively’ during the sometimes difficult transition between teenage to adulthood.  


Each week the class will concentrate on building a confident positive mindset whilst also learning some valuable stress relieving postures and exercises to use in everyday life.  Yin yoga is a passive mat based class that holds each asana (posture) between 2-5 mins which allows the muscles to relax and activates the connective fascia tissues which run throughout the body.

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