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Festivals and Competition

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Every year, Theatre Studio enters the majority of its students into the highly prestigious and historical 'Cheltenham Festival of the Performing Arts', formly known as the 'Cheltenham Competitive Festival'.

Taking place over a two week block in the spring of each year, the festival allows our students to add focus and meaning to many varied pieces of work by competing against other individuals, schools and groups in various disciplines such as individual poems, dramatic scenes and solo songs, through to the more common group classes such as duologues, scenes and choral speech. Each student will learn an incredible amount throughout this process, which is why we encourage all of our students to take part in some capacity, each year.

Cheltenham Festival

The Festival started life as the' Cheltenham Competitive Festival', and was renamed the Cheltenham Festival Of Performing Arts in 2006. The new name reflects more accurately the range of disciplines covered by the Festival, which includes acting, poetry, music recital, singing and dance.

The Festival was first held in 1926, and has since grown from its original two day event into its present two week format... and eighty years on is still growing! It has been said that progress always means change but change does not always mean progress and whilst we can all find too many instances supporting that theory, the Festival positively disproves that notion. Our Festival has indeed seen many changes as the years have gone by, but the fact that we are now celebrating our 80th anniversary is clear evidence that progress has indeed been made!

Most classes are set within Cheltenhams' own magnificent Town Hall, adding hugely to the Festivals unique ambience, creating a real "buzz" which has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Unprecidented Success

Theatre Studio have been entering the Festival classes since the late 1980's, and in that time has seen an unprecedented level of success in all classes entered. These classes include both individual disciplines such as monologue, poetry and solo singing, but more so in the group classes where our students have produced more winning duologues, group scenes and choral speech than we can possibly remember.

It's fair to say that whilst students come and go through their young theatrical lives, and the circle of students continue to rotate throughout the passing years, our level of success at the Festival has always remained consistent.... evidence, we think, that the highest level of standards we insist upon has never been allowed to diminish.

Why We Feel Its Important

But our focus has never been on the winning, nor will it ever be! We are committed to ensuring that each and every participant in the Festival can be the best that he or she can be, and the journey to that first in breath on the day of the class is so much more important than the results and standings themselves.

In the weeks before the event, all focus will be on the piece itself. Our tutors take on the role of the director, musical director or choreographer to ensure that each piece is thoroughly understood and that characterisations, motivations, subtext and finally stagecraft (and in the case of singing and dancing classes, technique) have been rehearsed and understood. The lessons learnt during this process guarantees that the student understands all key concepts of performance preparation .. and that he or she can learn to stand on their own two feet in the years to come.

We know that whilst learning 'parrot fashion' can, in some cases, lead to winning a single event, the long term goals are FAR more important. This is, and will always be, our philosophy to each and every level of theatrical competition.



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